Arbortech AS175 Brick & Mortar Saw

ALLSAW AS175 The new generation Allsaw’s functionality has been significantly enhanced and it continues to be a safe alternative to the Diamond Grinder. The Allsaw cuts with superior dust control protecting the user from breathing in silica dust and is still the only masonry tool that cuts deep, square, with high precision and no overcut.

This package includes General Purpose Blades, Plunge Blades and a Dust Boot. With an improved motor and belt, this is an essential tool for trade applications.


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What’s New with the AS175!!

  • 1400W Tool has been highly enhanced for better performance with a more powerful motor and extended brush life, which enables a more seamless cutting experience.
  • Improved Belt Drive with the addition of a heavy duty triple V belt, along with a more efficient power transmission allows for a longer lifetime and faster cuts.
  • Heavy Duty Dust Boot collects most of the dust generated when connected to a vacuum. This keeps the worksite clean and reduces silica dust particles in the air.
  • Vibration reduction further enhances ergonomics, allowing the tool to be used for an extended period.

• The AS175 is a revolution in cutting technology.
• Using a unique patented cutting motion and two forward facing blades.
• The AS175 is able to perform with degrees of effectiveness and safety which were previously impossible.
• Designed for professional Tradespeople it is ideal for a variety of cutting tasks making it the most versatile and useful tool you will ever own!

• Powerful 1400W motor
• Trigger switch
• Adjustable belt drive
• Ergonomic soft grip handle
• Tungsten Carbide teeth blades

What was before a time-consuming, dusty and inaccurate job can now be transformed into an easy, fast, virtually dust-free, precise and safe job with the Arbortech AS175, providing you with many important benefits:

• Cut Square:
The AS175 cuts square openings with no over cutting. Surrounding brickwork can remain untouched, no bolstering or stitch drilling is required and job completion times can be reduced.

• Cuts Deep:
The AS175 is the only small handheld saw able to cut to a depth of 4 3/4”.

• Cuts Safe:
The AS175 provides superior operator safety. The inherently safe cutting action prevents kickback and is easy to control.

• Plunge Cuts:
Use the AS175 to cut directly into flush walls without stitch drilling.

• Cuts Dry-Low Dust:
This unique cutting technology creates very little fly dust protecting the operator and creating a cleaner work environment.

• High Visibility and Precision Cutting:
The forward facing blades allow clear visibility when cutting making the AS175 the ideal tool whenever accuracy and precision is required.

Renovation, Restoration and Repair
The Arbortech AS175 Brick + Mortar Saw is an ideal tool for both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts, as it covers a wide range of renovation, restoration and repair work:
• Housing repairs and re-pointing
• Extensions and additions
• Renovations and alterations
• Chimney repair & restoration
• Toothing brickwork for extensions.
• Tuckpointing.
• Fast removal of in-built objects such as anchors, wall plates, joists, trusses, frames, sills, beams, lintels, wall units and steps.
• Expansion joints and wall section replacement.
• Removal of in-built furniture, plumbing and vanities.
• Cutting of archways and windows.

• Vents.
• Ducts.
• Registers.
• Plumbing.
• Electrical cabling, conduit & switch boxes.
• Electrical goods.
• Windows.
• Ablutions.
• Lighting.
• Waste units.
• A/C units

The AS175 comes complete with:

  • AS175 1400w Brick and Mortar Saw
  • Heavy Duty Tool Bag
  • General Purpose blades
  •  Plunge Blades
  • Vacuum Adaptor
  • Dust Boot

• Australian Made

1 YEAR ‘Australia Wide’ WARRANTY



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Dimensions 68 × 34 × 12 mm
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