Moss Premier Galvanised Wheelbarrow

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Hot dip galvanised tray giving extra long life.

  • 1.2mm Thick steel
  • Hardwood Handles
  • Thick metal pressed rim with 4 Ply tire, Heavy duty tube and deep groove ball bearings.
  • Solid steel legs

Made in Australia.


Out of stock

Moss Galvanised Wheelbarrow a hot dip galvanised tray provides for extra long life

What you get when compared with our competitors’ products

Moss Premier Galvanised Wheelbarrow:

  • 1.2mm steel, Galvanised tray with a total of 190 spot welds and no leaks
  • 8mm solid steel reinforcing wire around top of tray
  • A 1.6 mm galvanised steel reinforcing base plate under tray


  • Some have 1mm tray with as little as 68 spot welds, while others have tubular steel reinforcing. Some have 5mm timber ply reinforcing plate.


Moss Wooden Handles:

  • Hardwood handles, painted
  • Smooth ergonomic grip.


  • Some are pine or unpainted and a rough grip.


Moss Legs

  • Solid steel 32 x 8mm legs with 8mm skid wear pads


  • Some are 40 x 5mm thin and some are tube which easily bends or rusts


Moss Wheel and Axle:

  • 4ply Kenda tyre and heavy duty tube
  • Thick pressed metal rim
  • Deep groove ball bearings made to MOSS specifications


Cheap Chinese tyre and tube. Pressed thin gauge metal rim. Chinese ball bearings.


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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 60 mm

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  1. Olga (verified owner)

    Wheelbarrow is great, easy to use and so solid. Thoroughly recommend.