Spitwater HP12-110 DTS Cold Water Pressure Cleaner

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Spitwater HP12-110 DTS is the electric powered, industrial high pressure cold water cleaner, designed and manufactured at the Albury factory, using an Italian 1450 rpm motor paired with a slow-speed, Interpump crankshaft piston pump for ultimate reliability. With water pressure of 110 Bar (1595 psi) and water flow of 12 L/min, it is the most powerful machine of its type on the market. It offers maximum cleaning power, all day, every day. It is ideal for car wash and detailing applications as well as in the building, transport, manufacturing and primary industries cleaning jobs to be done. Delayed Total Stop feature on this model protects pump seals from overheating when machine is in bypass (trigger closed mode) by putting machine in suspense, ensuring longer pump life and less maintenance. SPITWATER cleaners offer high performance, efficiency and world class after sales service and spare parts back-up.


Spitwater HP12-110 DTS Specs

Technical specifications

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    SPITWATER, 240v15a

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