Technique LIME JUICE – 5 Litre liquid lime replacement.


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LIME JUICE is a colourless liquid admixture, engineered as a lime alternative in lime-cement mortars. Lime Juice provides all the technical features of traditional lime compounds without the hazard of being highly caustic.

Lime Juice complies with the Australian Masonry Structures AS 3700 Standards.

Developed by brickies, for brickies, it’s the safer alternative that’s cheaper and easier to use. With one five-litre bottle equal to 10 x 20-kilogram bags of lime, it’s the cost-saver you need on your job site, significantly reducing the cost of mortar.


Benefits of Lime Juice lime replacement:

  • It increases the adhesion of fresh mixture to the substrate.
  • It extends the mortar setting time.
  • It improves plasticity by its air-entraining action.
  • It increases the cohesion of the mortar, thus preventing sagging.
  • It eliminates the risk of blistering.
  • It increases masonry wall strength.
  • It significantly reduces the cost of mortar.
  • It eliminates lime storage problems.
  • It does not contain chlorides or other corrosive ingredients.

Lime Juice used as an admixture in mortar complies with Australian Standard AS 3700 Section requirements for:

  • Compressive Strength (AS 1012.9).
  • Flexural Strength (AS 3700 Appendix D6).
  • Durability (M2 Mortar) (AS 3700 Appendix E).

Lime Juice also complies to AS 1478.1 for air-entraining admixtures (Bleed Test AS 1012.6) and chemical requirements (AS 1478.1 Section 1 & 2) when used as instructed.

Lime Juice has been designed for longer setting time than standard mortars (AS 1012.18).

Usage Instructions:
For Masonry and Paving Mortar, use 50g (2 capfuls) of Lime Juice per 20kg of cement.

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